Wednesday, May 2, 2007

WPF/E - ASP.NET (Server Control)

So much hype about the WPF from the developer-evangelists of Microsoft convinced me upto an extent to install the 3.0 framework and the neccasary installers for creating cool WPF (or should I say Microsoft's Flash) content for windows and for the web.Installers are easily available for those who are winforms enthusiasists. However, if you want to develop wpf/e based content for the web, then you better make a checklist of the installers from msdn. Plus, you'll need service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005. Remember that the SP1 is about 400 Mb. You'll probably want to download it first before installing. Then you need the RC (the latest is Feb 07) for WPF and WPF/E SDK.

Without the SDK you'll not be able to install the WPF template.Apart from this minor information, I found an interesting link which allows you to use a custom user control (credits to Mike Harsh). Click here to Visit the link. User Controls are fun as we know. Here, all we have to do is create a XAML file using XAML Pad, Expression web, or just xml Editor. I'd rather stick with Expression Web. After you create the xaml, use the user control and link the source to the XAML file. Viola! The user Control can be found here and a sample application using the User Control Can be downloaded from here.

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